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Creating Paving and Grass inside 3dsmax

In this 3D tutorial we look at a technique for using Forest Pack and RailClone together to combine grass with concrete paving.

Though this is a specific application, you’ll learn many skills that you can use for other purposes, including: Creating a RailClone object with a pattern that repeats on the Y axis, using Clipping Splines and randomizing transforms in RailClone, creating “layers” in Forest Pack by adding a areas multiple times, overriding distribution maps on a per area basis, and excluding geometry using objects.



Benefits and Uses of RailClone

RailClone is the world’s most powerful artist-friendly parametric modelling plugin for 3ds Max. Its unique array-based approach to asset creation is fast, efficient, and easy-to-learn.

Use the convenient node-based editor to create rules that combine, sequence, transform, deform, slice, bevel, and distribute instanced geometry or proxies. Create variation by randomizing objects, UV mapping, and material IDs. Render huge objects made from thousands of highly detailed parts using native geometry shaders.

With RailClone, creating sophisticated parametric models has never been simpler.

Download RailClone HERE



What is Forest Pack?

Forest Pack is the world’s most popular scattering plugin for 3ds Max. It provides a complete solution for creating vast areas of objects. From trees and plants to buildings, crowds, aggregates, ground-cover, rocks and more. If you can model it, Forest Pack can scatter it.

Countless studios rely on Forest Pack ’s production-tested algorithms and native shaders to render scenes with virtually unlimited numbers of objects and polygons. All without putting a strain on computer resources.

Simulate natural distribution patterns and get the most out of your assets using advanced mapping and randomization tools. Fine-tune your scatters with granular control over every aspect of the plugin.

Create without restrictions using Forest Pack and take your renders to the next level.

Download Forest Pack HERE

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