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Wooden Floors – Vray Material

In this 3d tutorial we are going to talk about how to create realistic wood floors, using 3dsmax and Vray. In many cases we will be in need of creating a wooden floor for our 3d visualization. Although there are many methods to create such floors, in this tutorial we will focus on creating them using only textures and the vray displacement mod.

We will use Vray Displacement Mod to add extra detail to our floors. In this way instead of being seen as a floor of laminated wood, we will do it like pure wood. This will help us to notice the gap between each piece of wood, which will give more realism.

High Resolution Textures Maps

Some of the reasons why our wood floors with vray or any other application, do not look good or realistic is due to low quality textures and bad resolution. The use of high quality textures and good size will give us greater detail in our vray material.

By using these textures we avoid having to do a lot of tiling and that the details of the textures are compressed when rendering. We have to create the different maps that will help us with realism as it is:

Diffuse Color (Texture Base Material or Color)
Roughness Map (If you want a more worn, flat or dusty look)
Specular Map (To control the type of brightness)
Glossiness (To control the glossiness and which we want to display on the map)
Displacement or Bump (With these maps we will add details to the geometry)

These are the basic maps to create a realistic floor material, it is just an idea to serve as a starting point. You can then decide which ones to include or if you want to add more. You can also use mix map or composite if you want to create something more complex in these channels. This is something that we will work on later in a more advanced tutorial.

In this LINK we leave the official document of Vray Chaos Group to know more about the vray materials, click here to see

Vray Material Creation

To see how we created the photo material and settings we used for each map. Here’s how we’ve done it inside vray and 3dsmax:


Vray Displacement Mod

As we mentioned earlier, to give more detail to the floor and to note that it is made of wood and not laminated, we have used the vray displacement mod, which helps to create virtual geometry in the render.

This gives us the possibility to create a more real look of our floor, the only bad thing about this is that it takes longer to render. But if we want more details in our 3D visualizations is a price we have to pay 🙂

Here I share the setting of the vray displacement mod:

vray displacement mod settings pisos de madera

We share the textures used in this tutorial, for you to download and use in your personal projects.

download button

Here the final image:

vray material textures wood floors tutorial

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