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Vray Diamond Material/Shader

Creating a Diamond Shader Material within Vray can be a difficult task if you do not have a proper model. The first thing that we need to have is a well modeled Diamond Object in order to recreate the physical propertiesof a Real Diamond. You can model your own diamond with 3dsmax or download a 3d model. In this 3d tutorial you will learn how to setup a Diamond shader with vray for Jewelry Rendering


After modeling or downloading a perfect shape for your 3d diamond, you have to be sure that everything is correct. A few things to have in mind, no overlapping faces, no open vertices, and that everything has a real scale unit. Our 3d model needs to have a real life scale if you bound to see a better dispersion and light propagation inside your Diamond.

 Creating the Diamond Shader with Vray

Now it is time to setup a good looking diamond ring where you can feel the light dispersion and reflections. The main setting for a realistic diamond ring shader is the Abbe Number.

 Abbe Number in Vray

This is the value that will Increases or decreases the dispersion effect in your Diamond Shader. Enabling this option and lowering the value widens the dispersion and vice versa.

For more information, see the Abbe Number example by clicking here

Check the Diamond Material that we used for our Diamond Ring Rendering

A couple of more 3d renders from this 3d diamond ring:

3d-vray-diamond-ring-rendering-product-750x683 Diamond-Ring-Product-Shot-2


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